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We hope you enjoy the following photo gallery of the Rock Food Table courtesy of 

SMC Photoworks - Tyler Texas

Video taken by Kinney Polve. Photos provided by Bill & Lois Pattillo and Kinney Polve. Photo gallery provided by SMC Photoworks.


The founders of the “Rock Food Table," originally known as the “Gulf Coast Gem and Mineral Society Food Table,” were Bill and Lois Pattillo. They brought the idea to life and set up the exhibit from 1983 – 2013. Table ownership eventually changed to Keith and Toni Harmon and then to East Texas Gem & Mineral Society. Click here to read more on the rich history of the Rock Food Table. 

Rock Food Table

Check out this video for a close up look at the Rock Food Table with an informative narration by Keith Harmon

Request for The Rock Food Table

The total cost to transport, support, and exhibit the Rock Food Table at any two-day venue in the SCFMS–Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana-is dependent on review and approval of applications by the ETGMS Board of Directors. We bring it, set it up, and man the display. A $500 non-refundable deposit is required once we accept your application, and the balance is due when we arrive at your venue. If interested in hosting the Rock Food Table, please go to the Board of Directors Contact Form.

Please include the following information with your request:

1. Name of your organization

2. Dates for your show

3. Show location

4. Set-up times

5. Is your organization a member of SCFMS?