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Lapidary Group 

If you are interested in the many different areas of Lapidary Arts, this would be the  group for you. We try to shape the group meetings around the needs and wants of the group. Our meetings cover things like cutting rough materials, cabochon making, wire wrapping jewelry, tumbling rocks, making gem trees, faceting, and any other area that might interest the group.

This Group usually meets the 2nd Saturday of each month. Check back often for the next date for The Lapidary/Jewelry Group  meeting - Calendar

We offer two courses in silversmithing: Basic and Advanced. The silversmithing course is taught by our very talented Kinney Polve at his workshop at a date to be determined later. Due to equipment limitations, Kinney can only teach two students at a time, so several classes may be needed to accommodate all who are interested in learning this skill. Classes range between $25 and $30 for materials.

Terry offers classes in basic wire wrapping and cabochon making which are taught at the clubhouse.  These classes are free, and all tools will be available. Copper wire used in the class will be donated by the Society.

However, please note that the tools belong to the club and will not become the property of the student.

Class size is limited to 4 students per instructor in order to complete the course in one day. If there are two instructors, class size is limited to 8 students per session.

For more information, please contact 

Lapidary Group Coordinator- Terry Roberts - contact form

Photos taken by  Kinney Polve and Terry Roberts

Page updated 4/22/2021