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ETGMS Annual Show

Our annual Gemstone & Jewelry Show is our major fundraiser. Our current financial goal is to raise enough money to establish a workshop in our clubhouse in Tyler, Texas. Our clubhouse is a permanent place for equipment that has been donated to the club, and a place to hold classes and group meetings. All donations to ETGMS are tax deductible. 

On the Friday of the show the club hosts free school group tours. All school groups must be pre-registered and assigned a time slot in order to get free admission. Click here If you would like to register your school group for the 2022 Show.

Please contact Annual Show Chairman at contact form with any questions or comments.

The BOD is looking forward to our 2022 show, it's going to be a awesome event!!

Here are some pictures from past Annual Shows

Please check out our show video below ....

Informative video on the

Rock Food Table.

Click here to learn more ....


Page last updated 11/26/2021

Here is some of our 2020 pre show activities - Show Set up is always a lot of work!! 

A few of the 2020 Show -Club Member display cases 

 A few of the wonderful items available at our 2020 Show 

Background photo taken by Terry Roberts. Videos  and all other photos taken by Kinney & Vicky Polve and Margaret Kilanski. Show flyer created by Sarah Hawthorne

Due to construction of the new convention center the normal parking access off of Front Street is closed.

All traffic should use the Houston Street back entrance to the Rose center.
Main parking will be in the stadium lot which is the green area at the bottom of the map below.
Due to the front drive not being completed as of last Friday, the plan is for the dealers to use the existing loading dock, the lower area marked by the star and the elevator and the completed parking area just to the south of the main front door.

Parking is fluid day by day...parking at the stadium will accommodate everyone it's just a little further to walk.

Construction changes daily so close in parking may be limited.