Tyler, Texas (and beyond) 

East Texas Gem and Mineral Society (ETGMS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization managed by a Board of Directors, serving all 14 counties of East Texas and beyond. Upcoming club events and monthly newsletter can be found on the club's facebook page - 

ETGMS was established by individuals that shared and continue to share a common interest in the earth sciences. Our purpose is to educate and promote the study of geology, mineralogy, gemology, fossils and the lapidary arts. ETGMS was created so others that shared those same interests would have a place to gather, communicate, and learn from others.  The first organizational meeting was held on November 12, 1956.  Click here to read more about ETGMS's history. 

ETGMS proudly offers an annual $500 scholarship to a student pursuing an earth science degree. The club is affiliated with the South Central Federation of Mineral Societies and American Federation of Mineralogical Societies. 

We meet on the first Monday of each month at our clubhouse, unless the date falls on a holiday, then the meeting is moved to the second Monday. Visitors Welcome!!!!! And new members can join the club at any club meeting or event. Contact us if you have any questions. 

TIME: 6:45pm
PLACE: ETGMS Clubhouse
2015 Deerbrook Drive Tyler, Texas
Off of Paluxy Dr. (Map)

In January ETGMS hosts The East Texas Gem and Mineral Society - Annual Gemstone and Jewelry Show. The show is a major fund raiser for the club and showcases the national renowned Rock Food Table. The Rock Food Table page has the history of the collection and details for hosting this extraordinary exhibit. 

Page updated March 2024