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Rock Swap 

It's like a mini Rock Show -   Where club members bring out some of their projects, jewelry, finished and rough materials for sale or trade. Public is welcome.

Next Rock Swap and Cookout - As of March 17th, 2020 - The ETGMS Board voted to suspend all club activities through the end of April, due to the Corona virus. They decided that it is prudent to do our part to reduce the spread of the virus, since a big part of our membership is in the age group that it is the roughest on. We will keep up to date on the number of cases in the area, as we near the end of the month of April, we will decide if May activities will stay on schedule. This means no sub-group meetings, regular monthly meeting, field trips, etc. from now until the end of April.


Here are few pictures from our Fall 2019 Rock Swap

Back ground photo taken by Kinney Polve. Other photos taken by Kinney Polve and Margaret Kilanski 

Page updated 3/30/2020