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Members Gallery 

Exciting News about and from Club Members

Who's doing what and where

Featured Photo below is provided by club member Rick WalkerRick installed a custom UV lighting system in his display case. He has searched far and wide for every piece in his florescent collection. Great Job Rick!!

Photos below are a few of the many projects, collections and treasures from our club members

Crystal Championship photos provided by Zachary Weenink. Other photos taken by Kinney & Vicky Polve, Margaret Kilanski, Rick Walker, Terry Roberts, Julia Toombs and Colleen Hayes. Septarian Nodules pictures and videos provided by Zachary Weenink. 

Page updated 9/14/2020

Here's a stunning look at Rick's  new Herkermer Diamond under UV Light - note the blue "Heart"  

Rick's been busy organizing his display cabinet. 

Must be the season to reorganize display cabinets - our club member Julia Toombs has been busy working on her's , she has over 80% of her collection identified and cataloged too!!!!! 

Zachary & Melisssa Weenink

Take top places at 32nd Annual World championship Quartz Dig - October 2019, click here to see more pictures of their finds.

32nd Annual World Championship Quartz Dig overall scoring. 

Our congratulations to

DiAnna Kelsey - Grand Champion

Mineralogy Group has added several links for your researching pleasure and a link to Charles's collection recorded on his mindat page. 

Fossil Group Meeting 

Lots of information sharing

Zachary & Robert Weenink found some wonderful Texas Septarian nodules

on a recent hunt. Karl Siggelow brought his wet saw and the three of them made a day of uncovering the treasures. Karl has extensive experience is using the wet saw. 

The pictures and videos on the Septarian Nodules page are provided for your entertainment. Please consider and utilize all safety measures when operating any equipment.