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Field Trips

Only open to current club members

2019 Field Trips are in the history books. We had lots of fun, adventures and collected many new treasures. 

During 2019 our club members went on many outings. They  traveled to Duncanville, Texas (twice) for Septarians & fossils - Mt. Ida, AR for the World Quartz Crystal Championships - Magnate Cove, AR for many mineral specimens - Henderson, TX for petrified woods with druzy crystals- Sulfur River for fossils to name just a few of our trips. 

2020 Field Trip Schedule

As of March 17th, 2020 - The ETGMS Board voted to suspend all club activities through the end of April, due to the Corona virus. They decided that it is prudent to do our part to reduce the spread of the virus, since a big part of our membership is in the age group that it is the roughest on. We will keep up to date on the number of cases in the area, as we near the end of the month of April, we will decide if May activities will stay on schedule. This means no sub-group meetings, regular monthly meeting, field trips, etc. from now until the end of April.


Field Trip Chairman - Fred Mahaffey - 

Date:                                           Location:                                                     Searching for:

May  30th - 31st Mt.                 Ida Arkansas                                                Quartz Crystals

June 27th                                  TBD                                                                Petrified Wood 

July 25th - 26th                        Oklahoma                                                    Hourglass Selenite, fossils

August  29th                            Magnet Cove, Arkansas                            Pyrite

September 26th                     Duncanville, Texas                                      Septarian, fossils

October 19th                           Rock Swap - Clubhouse                            Rock Swap

November TBD

December 7th                         Christmas Party, Clubhouse 

List of Items you may Need to Bring on a Field Trip...Click Here

Photos taken by Kinney Polve, Margaret Kilanski and David Russ

This page was last updated 3/30/2020