Field Trips

Only open to current club members

2020 Field Trips are in the history books. We didn't get to do a lot (we all know why!) The ones we did do we had lots of fun, adventures and collected many new treasures. 

During 2019 our club members went on many outings. They  traveled to Duncanville, Texas (twice) for Septarians & fossils - Mt. Ida, AR for the World Quartz Crystal Championships - Magnate Cove, AR for many mineral specimens - Henderson, TX for petrified woods with druzy crystals- Sulfur River for fossils to name just a few of our trips. 

2022 Field Trip Schedule

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Field Trip Chairman - Rick Walker - contact form

List of Items you may Need to Bring on a Field Trip...Click Here

Photos taken by Kinney Polve, Margaret Kilanski and David Russ

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Here are some photos from some of our previous field trips.

Hello Rock Hounds,

Below you will find information on the 1st three field trips of the 2022 season. Please note that all questions and responses should be sent to Rick directly at Due to Margaret's travel schedules any questions or responses sent to may not get forwarded to Rick in a timely manner.

The dates for each trip were decided on by majority rule, in other words the date that got the most interest was selected.

While I know some of you will be disappointed that you can not attend, we will have more trips in the fall.

Everyone must be a current, dues paid, member in good standing. If you want someone to go that is not a member please contact Ed Grounds @ to get them signed up.
Everyone will have to sign a release form prior to entering the venues. There will be a second release form for the Ron Colman Mine that they require.

First up…Post Oak Creek in Sherman

Date is Saturday May 14th.

You can either meet us at the clubhouse at 6:45 am with a departure time of 7:00 am sharp or meet the caravan at the Travis Street Bridge in Sherman at 10:00 am. I have allotted a 15 minute stop along the way for anyone that needs it.

Be fueled and ready to go at 7:00 am.

Once we arrive, everyone will need to sign the release form, gather a sifting screen that Jerry made last year and head down to the creek.

Group photo will be taken on the creek before we start the hunt.

You may stay as long as you want, unless you’re a rider and the driver is ready to go.

You will need to bring, water, small digging tool or rake, something to put your finds in, sunscreen, bug spray, water shoes (no bare feet, broken glass in the river), hat, cool clothes, change of clothes, snacks ect…

There also could be a possibility of a close encounter with a snake friend, be aware of your surroundings and use caution moving down the trails and along the river.

I will need to know by 5 pm May 1th - if you are driving or if you need a ride. Please email me - ( your preference, your confirmation of attending and a good phone number where I can reach out to you last minute in the event of heavy rain on the creek prior to our arrival. If the trip has to cancel due to high water we will reschedule for the fall.

Second up…Ron Colman Mine in Arkansas. The Ron Coleman mine is located approximately 20 miles from Hot Springs AR, near Hot Springs Village AR.

Dates are Friday and Saturday June 3 and 4

Friday will be a travel day. You can either meet the group in Arkansas or we will also have a caravan leaving from the clubhouse. Time of departure to be decided in the next couple of weeks. Friday afternoon - June 3rd - we will try to have a meet and greet somewhere in or around Hot Springs, AR - to be determined, maybe dinner…

Saturday morning, we will be at the mine at 8:00 am when they open for orientation and to sign our club release forms. Then we will proceed to gift shop to sign Mine forms and pay dig fees.
The group rate for the public dig area is $15 per person for all day, keep what you find. According to Joshua the group coordinator at Ron Colman we should have about 1 acre to ourselves of fresh tailings.

There is also a opportunity for a tour of the mine if your interested, cost is $15 and a zipline experience if your brave.

There is not much shade, so if you have a popup bring it, we will also have the club popup as well.

We suggest that you plan to spend the night in the area prior to the field trip. (June 3rd)
Members are to make their own arrangements for overnight lodging. There are numerous motels/hotels in Hot Springs, or there is a fairly nice motel located near the mine.

Hot Spring Village Inn


4429 N State Hwy 7

Hot springs Village AR


In the same area as the motel there is a Brookshire’s grocery, Subway, McDonalds, gas station, and other restaurants are close by. It’s about a 10 minute drive to the mine from this area.

Things to bring:

For collecting: Bring small hand/garden tools such as a trowel, rake or shovel. Crystals are sharp, so a good pair of gloves is a must. A bucket to put your “finds” in, packing material to protect your crystals. A handcart or wagon to carry your stuff to your “spot”, however we can usually park close to the site.
Old, cool clothes and old shoes are best as they will get stained from the red dirt. Sturdy shoes, no flip flops or open toes. Long pants if you plan to sit on the ground, crystals are sharp. You will get dirty, so a change of clothes is recommended. Bring a hat, sunscreen, and any other personal items you may need.
You'll need plenty of water and/or Gatorade type drinks, you will also need to pack snacks and lunch for the mine site. They may have a small moving concession but that’s not confirmed. We plan to bring a canopy for shade so bring a camp chair.
There are restrooms at the mine in the gift shop. The campground has shower facilities if you wish to clean up at the end of the day before driving home. Check at gift shop for fees and details.

Colleen will the field trip guide for this expedition and will have the release forms to be signed prior to start of the day.

We will need to know who is driving and who needs a ride, please email that info to me - ( and I will coordinate.
I also need an email with your confirmation to attend and a good phone number for emergency contact.

There is a group minimum of 10 people, if we drop below that threshold the cost may increase some.

There may be some folks that elect to spend a 2nd night, so you're not on the road back home after a long day in the dirt, that will be your option. If you plan to stay a second night, you may wish to explore other mines in the area or the mines near Mt. Ida. The club will only be making plans for the original dig, please research other locations on your own.

If you have any question please reach out to me - or Colleen -

We look forward to seeing everyone at the field trip.

Third up… Mineral Wells Fossil Park

Dates Friday and Saturday July 8 and 9

Hotel information will be coming soon in a separate eblast.

This one may also be a trip you might want to stay an additional night, I probably will if transportation works out.

The thought is to travel to Mineral Wells on Friday and arrive early afternoon. Depending of the weather possibly spending the late afternoon and evening hours at the park. After a night sleep hit the park at sunrise and stay till lunch or right before heat stroke sets in. If your staying one night you will head home. If you stay a 2nd night then In the afternoon have lunch and lay around in the AC or pool for a while and then hit some road cuts north of town. On the 3rd day we will hit the park for one more time and head home about lunch time.

It will be hot, we will have to take popups to have any relief at all. Bring plenty of water and cool clothes.

The usual other items you need as listed above. Also a bucket to bring home some dirt to go thru at home.

The fossils at MWFP are small, its been suggested you bring a small trowel, small brush and small bottles to store your treasures in. Look at the MWFP Facebook page for an idea of what we will be hunting.

The grand prize at this location is a Trilobite !!! There are no large fossils here just really cool 350 MYO smalls.

Additional information on hotels will be out soon.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Rick Walker, Field Trip Chairman