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2022 Club Members Live Auction

April 4, 6:45 pm - ETGMS General Club Meeting and Annual Auction at our clubhouse - 2015 Deerbrook Drive, Tyler.


Public is welcome. You must be a club member to bid on items - you can join prior to the auction start.  You must be present to bid. 


Club members donate rock related items to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. This is a fun filled event, never know what's going to show up and how lively the bidding will be.

Hope you can join us!!

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Photos taken by Rick Walker, Kinney Polve and Margaret Kilanski

Page last updated 3/19/2022

Items # 1 - 8 

Items # 34 - 41

Items # 42- 49 

 Items # 18 - 25

Items # 26 - 33

Items # 9 - 17